Meet Our Crew – The PaintTekologists

Nathan Gautier – Owner / Chief Can Opener

Favorite Colour: Red (“I love Ketchup”)

For Nathan, painting is all in the family. One day his stepdad asked if he wanted to give him a hand, and Nathan says modestly: “It turned out I was better than him!”

Thankfully, Nathan’s a better painter than he is a cook, which was his first profession. Now instead of burning burgers, he’s honing his skills as an apprentice painter. Nathan’s upbeat attitude and skilled hand are what honed his passion and skill into the owner of PaintTek.

Kenzie Janzen – Pro Colour Consultant/ Rainbow-Maker

Favorite Colour: Orange (“Makes me think of sunshine!”)

Kenzie is a golf junkie who can kick your butt on the links while making your home look spectacular. An interior designer who’s spent lots of time behind the counter at a paint store, Kenzie is a Wiz at solving tough painting problems.

Her knowledge of various interior and exterior paints, including latex, oil, lacquer, stains and varnishes, makes her a one-stop resource for what to paint, where to paint, what colour to use, and how to do it.

Mylo – Head of Client Relations

Favorite Colour: Gray (“The colour of the rocks I like to turn over”)

Mylo has been a key member of the PaintTek crew from the start. As head of client relations, he is always quick with a lick, keeping our crew upbeat and our customers smiling.

His favorite activities involve retrieving paintbrushes, greeting newcomers, and sniffing dandelions — the most important skills for any great manager.

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