Top 4 Reasons We’re the Best Painters in Victoria BC

1) We make house painting as easy as pie (And twice as tasty)

You wanted to keep your house painting project simple. So you hired the so-called “best painter” from Used Victoria, that hungry college student from the flyer, or you tried to do it yourself.

The result? Maybe it was the huge mess left behind. Maybe it was the straight lines that more closely resembled an outline of the Olympic Mountains. Or maybe it was the so-called “premium” deck stain that peeled off after a year. Now, what was supposed to be easy has become a huge pain. Don’t fret. We can help!

Take a taste of our easy house painting service.

2) We offer expert colour consulting – for free.

If you’ve ever painted a room, you’ve been there. A blah colour that felt disconnected from the rest of the house. Or so many colour options that you felt overwhelmed.

Selecting the right colour can be one of the most enjoyable AND frustrating parts of painting your home. Never fear. We have a professional colour consultant on staff who will work with you to develop the perfect palette to compliment your home décor – available at no extra charge. Just one more reason to call us.

Get help from a paint colour pro now.

3) We’re painting problem-solvers.

What’s the number one reason paint flakes off and peels? Moisture. And here in Victoria BC, you may have noticed that it rains. A lot. But moisture doesn’t just come from outside. Older houses without proper vapour barriers frequently suffer from an interior moisture problem. The bottom line? If you paint a surface that has too much moisture in it, the paint will flake or peel in no time. That’s why we test the moisture content of your siding to ensure it can absorb paint properly. We also clean, prep or remove old paint from the surface to ensure it lasts. And we back it up with a hassle-free, three-year labour warranty. The best painters stand behind their work – something that is built into the PaintTek process.

Want your paint to last? We got your back.

4) You can trust us (really).

House painters can be a sketchy lot. We get it. The painting business tends to attract a disproportionate number of fly-by-night operators, bohemians, curmudgeons, and other quirky characters. The kind of people that can breed distrust. Which is why we offer a service that is a little more old-fashioned: written estimates, uniformed painters, friendly advice from seasoned professionals, top quality paints, project binders with warranties, and proactive follow-up procedures. It’s how we differentiate ourselves and how we’ve built a stellar reputation with our house painting customers.

Hire a painting pro you can count on. Get started today.