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Frequently Asked Questions for the Paintekologists

Well, there are lots of reasons. You could do it yourself. But then you would likely have regrets, and we think having regrets is just plain sad. Much of our business comes from homeowner “do overs” – painting mishaps created by DIYers. Every time we get one of these jobs, we always ask, why did you call us? The answer always involves at least one of the following:

  • You had the time but not the know-how to properly prepare the surface. The paint failed soon after.
  • You have a tendency to pick colours that make friends go “auckkk” instead of “oooh.”
  • Climbing high ladders make you clench your butt cheeks so tight that more paint ends up on the floor than on the walls.
  • You didn’t have time to finish the whole job in one go around. That was six months ago.
  • Your roller/brush technique leans more towards graffiti artist than house painter.
  • You decided to use the 10-year-old paint you had in the garage. Now the paint washes off every time it rains.
  • The DIY YouTube video made it seem wayyyy easier.

You want to save money. We get it. Call us and we’ll be happy to show you how.

That depends. We certainly aren’t the cheapest option you’ll find. That guy drives a rusty El Camino, brings his “friend” (water bong) to the job site, and answers “uh-huh” to all your questions.

Nor, are we the most expensive. Those guys pitch your job in between their big commercial contracts, which is what they really focus on. You have to fit their schedule, and good luck getting them to follow up on any issues down the road.

We focus on house painting, and we price it reasonably. You get a break on the paint supplies because of our contractor discount, and we work efficiently so you’re not paying us to stand around while the paint dries. Can we do it in a day? Sometimes. But our priority is on being efficient, not FAST. Some will try to tell you that time is merely a limitation of manpower. But if you have to powerwash wood siding, it can take up to a day or more to dry thoroughly. So no matter how many people you put on the job, painting fast becomes a liability. Don’t hire someone based on a sales gimmick. Hire them based on what they can do and what they’ve done.

Every house is different, so call us, the quote is FREE. And we come to you. It’s done on the spot. What do you have to lose?

The age-old question. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For home interiors, most box stores will suggest latex-based paints because that’s the bulk of what they know and sell. But oil-based paints have their place. This is where a little knowledge, is indeed, dangerous. Here’s a brief list of pros/cons of each:

Advantages of latex vs. oil-based paint:

  • Less prone to fading and chalking
  • Lower odors and VOCs
  • Washes up easily with soap and water
  • Not flammable
  • Better elasticity, breathable, adheres to different surfaces including wood, masonry, ceramic, aluminum, vinyl, etc
  • Dries quicker so you can add second coat in a short time frame

Advantages of oil vs. latex paint:

  • Stands up better to heavy traffic, impacts, dings and scuffs
  • Does not stain as easily
  • Hides brush strokes better, making it great for wood cabinets and trim
  • Thicker coverage of surface
  • Superior durability on metal surfaces

While it’s true that in recent years, new latex paints have out-performed oil paints in many ways, there are situations where oil is still a smarter choice. If in doubt, call or email us or post a question on our Facebook page. We’re happy to share our knowledge.

Alas, you are the best judge. But whoever you decide on, we urge you to check out their work and references. And please don’t limit your decision to price. In the race to the bottom, you will end up last. Here are a few questions to ponder:

  • Did s/he arrive on time for the appointment?
  • Are they easy to get a hold of?
  • Do they have a formal business license?
  • Does s/he answer your questions without giving you the stinkeye?
  • Have a ready list of references?
  • Provide a written estimate and project schedule?
  • Carry a commercial liability policy?
  • Avoid vague hourly rate estimates?
  • Offer a written labour warranty?
  • Carry WorkSafe insurance?
  • Dress like a gangster?
Thought you’d never ask. We have the process down to a science. But you don’t have to work for NASA to understand how it works. We explain the whole process here.
That’s an easy one. Get in touch with one of our big rollers. They’ll come to your house, talk over your needs, and give you a quote right on the spot. Easy as pie and twice as tasty.
Are you kidding? Check em out here. While you’re at it, check out our BBB rating to the right. Or just ask your friendly project estimator to give you a few names and numbers when s/he arrives at your home.
On most projects we offer a three-year warranty on labour. On any paint products we supply, we honour the manufacturer’s warranty. And we handle the communications between you and them, so you don’t have to deal with it. How many painting contractors are willing to do that?

Got a question that isn’t answered here? Let us know on Facebook, or call or send us an email now.