Sooke House Painting


Ever seen what a bad interior paint job looks like? Crooked lines, overlapping corners, and blistered surfaces are just three of the more obvious signs of shoddy workmanship (and wasted money). A great paint job involves more than merely applying a coat of paint. It requires knowledge of different paint types, proper preparation techniques, and a finely-honed, professional hand. See what we mean in our Interior House Painting Photo Gallery.

Our Easy Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: The In-Home Consultation

We always start off with a personal in-home consultation. That way you get a real human being to answer your questions, evaluate your interior house paint, and advise you on available paint options. Then we’ll provide a comprehensive written estimate with paint info, cost, and schedule on the spot.

Step 2: Pick the Colour

Once you’ve signed a service agreement, you’ll have access to our professional colour consultant as a complimentary service. This is much more than just a digital color tool that simply shows how your house will look in various different colours. Our consultant will advise you on how to build a coherent colour palette that makes the neighbours envious, while significantly increasing the resale value of your home.

Step 3: Prep the Surface

This is where many so-called professionals and DIYers skimp. Not us. Our approach includes covering furniture and floors, removing any wallpaper, dusting, washing, scraping and sanding of walls, masking of molding and millwork, spot wall repairs, caulking, and finally, priming.

More questions? Read our FAQs, view our Interior Paintfolio, or contact us for a free consultation now.