Pick Paint Colours with Confidence — Every time

Our Professional Colour Consultant Helps You Avoid Common Pitfalls

For some, picking paint colours is pure fun. But for others, picking colours is akin to getting your first tattoo – a painful experience that can leave you with deep regrets down the road. It needn’t be. With help from PaintTek’s professional colour consultant, you’ll never have to fear a disastrous pastel peach bathroom again.

Make the choice stress-free

Part of the problem with choosing paint colours is being overwhelmed by choice. Looking at a wall of swatches in a paint store is as likely to induce dread as delight. It also explains why so many of us, stressed out by all the options, simply default to the safest, blandest solution.

Working with our colour pro from the get-go relieves much of this pressure. They’ll help you focus your ideas to pinpoint the key elements that will guide your choices. They’ll also bring the relevant swatches into the natural light of your home, where you have a much better idea of how a colour will actually look on the wall.

Understand how to interpret colour

There are colours that complement one another, and colours that contrast. It’s all in the way we perceive light as it hits the back of our eye. Those colours are associated in our brains with certain emotions. That’s how paint colour influences mood and energy.

Our colour consultant will show you how mixing and matching bolder colours, for example, can make a room bigger or brighter or warmer or colder. How using lighter colours can make a room look larger, and how earth tones can make just about any room look more inviting.

Boosting the resale value of your home

Whether you’re painting to stage your home for resale, doing a much-needed renovation or simply replacing old paint, you’ll want to consider how the latest colour trends and paint types can impact your home’s value.

This is where a colour consultant goes beyond digital visualization tools that merely apply a range of digitized colours to your existing room photos. They’ll explain the best options, based not only on your individual tastes, but also on the broader trends. That way you know you are making a great choice for now and for the the future.