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Professional Interior House Painting

Interior Painting dining room

Ever seen what a bad interior paint job looks like? Crooked lines, overlapping corners, and blistered surfaces are just three of the more obvious signs of shoddy workmanship (and wasted money). A great paint job involves more than merely applying a coat of paint. It requires knowledge of different paint types, proper preparation techniques, and a finely-honed, professional hand. See what we mean in our Interior House Painting Photo Gallery.

Our Easy Step-by-Step Process

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Step 1: The In-Home Consultation

We always start off with a personal in-home consultation. That way you get a real human being to answer your questions, evaluate your interior house paint, and advise you on available paint options. Then we’ll provide a comprehensive written estimate with paint info, cost, and schedule on the spot.

Step 2: Pick the Colour

Once you’ve signed a service agreement, you’ll have access to our professional colour consultant as a complimentary service. This is much more than just a digital color tool that simply shows how your house will look in various different colours. Our consultant will advise you on how to build a coherent colour palette that makes the neighbours envious, while significantly increasing the resale value of your home.

Step 3: Prep the Surface

This is where many so-called professionals and DIYers skimp. Not us. Our approach includes covering furniture and floors, removing any wallpaper, dusting, washing, scraping and sanding of walls, masking of molding and millwork, spot wall repairs, caulking, and finally, priming.

Step 4: Paint

We’re now ready to paint. We’ll arrive on time with the painting crew and equipment. We’ll start by painting your ceilings, then move on to the walls and trim, applying two coats of top quality zero VOC or low VOC paints, to give a clean, even finish that minimizes harsh odors or fumes. And our pros never play loud music or cuss on site, so you can relax.

Step 5: Cleanup & Walkthrough

Once the painting is done, it’s time to clean-up by removing drop-cloths and discarding any leftover materials. Your home is left tidy and fresh. If you are getting any interior renovation work done by us (such as window/door replacement), we’ll ensure everything is properly coordinated. You’ll then do a walkthrough inspection with your project manager to note any areas of concern and answer any questions about maintenance. Your project manager will leave you with a tidy binder with invoice, warranty, product/maintenance tips and contact information for future reference.

Step 6: Proactive Follow Up

With PaintTek, you’re never left to solve problems on your own. We follow-up with you at the 3 month, 1 year, and 2 year marks to ensure you are still happy with the results. We’ll even handle any manufacturer warranty issues on your behalf. We’re only a phone call away.

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Experts at Decorative Painting and Faux Finishes

When it comes to modern looks, the faux finish seems to be on the top of many people’s lists. If you’re looking to boost the mood of a room, why not try this age-old technique? Mixing yellow, orange and red hues will add a bold splash, but if done poorly, it will be easily noticed. The same goes for any finely crafted molding or millwork. A skilled hand is a must when you want your trim to pop. Do it right — Hire a PaintTekologist and give us a call today.

Pro Painting of Kitchens, Baths, Bedrooms and Basements

Not sure what to do with that coved ceiling? Got a stickle ceiling you want to get rid of? Know what paints work best in moisture-rich basements? If you have any questions like these, do yourself a favour and give the pros at PaintTek a call. Every room in your house functions differently. So why use a one-size-fits-all paint? You have options. Let us walk you through them.
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